Listing Program

We are proud to offer our comprehensive Listing program. Our goal is to take every measure to make your listing show at its fullest potential, and to make sure that as many people as possible see the final result!

Our Listing Program Includes:

Detailed Property Report: Every agent or team that lists your property will put together a detailed report for your listing. Our detailed report just has more details! We want to know, and want you to know, everything about your property, the community, and other factors that may influence your sale. Our “Binder” report has it all, and we want to show you!

4K Video: Every one of our listings gets a professional 4K video tour showing your home in all its glory! We promote the video extensively on social media using community targeting. Video marketing is critical in the modern market. Our videos are optimized for social media platforms and encourage easy sharing and viewing on mobile devices.

Professional Photography: Because your home deserves to look like it belongs in a magazine! Professional photos are crucial for generating instant enthusiasm when a potential buyer first sees your listing. There is nothing we hate more than seeing listings with photos shot on a smart phone. Don’t be that listing!

3D Photospheres: Our photography program includes 3D photospheres which use the latest technology to create a three dimensional virtual tour so potential buyers can really see the layout of your home. As virtual reality becomes more prevalent, these tours will allow buyers to fully immerse themselves in your listing without leaving their sofa.

Decluttering: One of the hardest jobs for homeowners when they decide to list is decluttering. You’ve been there a long time and accumulated so much stuff! We know you’re busy, and we want to help. Our design team will come in and help show you what things should be packed away before listing, and will help you do so! We provide packing materials, man/woman power and an eye for what needs to go!

Professional Cleaning: We want your home to sparkle! Before we get down to photography, video and showings, we will have our cleaner over for a deep clean so your listing is looking it’s absolute best when it’s ready to go.

Handyman Concierge: Your home has been lived in for a while. There are bound to be loose door knobs, faulty fixtures and other minor things that need repair. We work closely with a quality handyman and top local trades. When preparing your home for market we will make a list of little fixes and can arrange any work that needs to be done in a timely and cost effective way.

Home Staging: Our designers will help add some DAZZLE to your space with our in-house staging. We have invested in quality materials that can help bring any space to life, and our design team has keen eyes and enthusiasm for giving your listing that extra spark! If you require more extensive staging for a vacant home, we can make arrangements for that too!

Open Houses: Mixing old-school with new! Some agents will tell you that open houses don’t work anymore. We totally disagree! Our stated goal is to get as many people to view the listing as possible. We want to get the neighbors through, and encourage them to think of friends and family that might want to move to the area. Also, we promote all of our open houses through the MLS system and through social media to ensure maximum attendance!

Professional Measuring: We make sure to have all of our listing professionally measured, rather than relying on historical information that may not be accurate. This is an important step to take to ensure that we are providing accurate information. This also protects you from potential legal proceedings down the road if a buyer were to find the listing was misrepresented.

Enhanced Social Media Promotion: Social media has become an important part of peoples’ everyday lives, and we would argue that it is the most important area for marketing real estate today. We get several times more views and engagements when displaying our listings on social media vs traditional websites, print and MLS.

We post your listing to all of the major platforms including Google +, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We use both photo and video posts to give further coverage. And most importantly, we spend up to $50 weekly promoting these posts ensuring that they are being seen by thousands and even tens of thousands of local residents.

Air Miles: Receive 1,000 Air Miles upon listing, and an additional 2 miles for every $1000 of your sale or purchase price (up to 1500 miles).

Professional Listing Brochures: We want your listing to stand out! When a buyer goes home after a day of looking at properties, and they have a handful of listing sheets, our Professional Listing Brochures will be sure to stand out in their pile.

Constant Contact: Through a combination of modern technologies and a general willingness and effort to be available, we make sure that we are with you every step of the way so that you know what is going on with your listing.

Weekly Listing Report: We prepare a weekly report that compiles other listings that have sold in your area, MLS activity, your showings, online traffic, and social media marketing results. This report is fundamental in our effort to always keep you informed.

Instant Showing Notification: Receive instant notifications by text and/or email to set up showings, powered by ShowingTime.

Automated Showing Feedback: We will follow up, multiple times if necessary, with agents who have shown your home to get feedback. We want to hear all the good and bad people have to say about the listing so we have as much information as possible to work off of. You will be automatically forwarded this feedback by text or by email.

Document Collection/ Verification: We will compile a list of documents that you need and help you make sure that everything is in order including your RPR, residential permits, home warranty and more.

Foreign Buyers: Increasingly foreign buyers are looking to Alberta for what they see as bargain real estate. Our market is becoming more and more attractive to buyers from China and around the world when they compare our pricing to that of Vancouver or Toronto. Through the Century 21 Global Referral Network, we will have your listing posted internationally including on the largest Chinese international real estate site